Discussion: Best Legend Trio

So as the title mentioned… i would like to hear the opinions about the legends at the current state of the game, and discuss what would be the best trio to choose for a competitive team.

I will start with 2 legends that are in my mind not a good choice for competitive play:

1.: Bloodhound: i feel like its more like a beginner character, to learn where to look for enemies, but at more advanced skill tiers, you will already know where your enemies are, so it doesnt help in any means. His Q would be probably better if only the team members could see it, so they can strike exactly where the enemies sit (for ie. in a building)

2.: Lifeline: altough im a lifeline player myself, i only play it cause i got used to its faster heal times, which helped me out several times, but overall i dont think its a valuasble choice.

Feel free to shere your opinions

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/co9gil/discussion_best_legend_trio/

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