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Marked as spoiler for those who haven't cleared all the content yet.So when my friends and I first started hunting for and exploring the dungeons was so much fun, its been a little bit of a bummer for me to see them not continue past the swamp zones. Here are some ideas to expand on the dungeon systems for what we have, and new ideas for areas that don't have them. :)*For clarification, you can currently craft Campfire's and Cooking Stations in most dungeons. When I say "no player crafting" I mean nothing past this.

The starter zone is probably better off without dungeons, however it can already have abandoned villages and Draugr villages spawn in it, although this is yet to be 100% confirmed that they only spawn in meadows as the Draugr villages are pretty rare. I think as long as when they spawn in Meadows it is relatively close to a swamp this is perfect.

Black Forest:
Troll Cave: move these closer to rivers and the edges of black forests
Troll Den: Have these only spawn deep within black forests. A tunnels with many "rooms" that are essentially troll caves off the tunnel. Put a higher ranked troll at the back as the "leader". Guaranteed to have an Elder vegvisir at the end. *Maybe people will use sneak more?
Burial Chambers: spawn one rancid remains or ghost when they have a larger "loot" room guarding the multiple cores.
Catacomb: A much larger Burial Chambers with more open rooms that have spawners. Maybe its like 3-5 burial chambers combined in size. Multiple rancid remains and ghost spawns in them. If there is a larger Black Forest consider it having one Catacomb instead of multiple Burial Chambers. Guaranteed to have an Elder vegvisir.

Sunken Crypt: Allow for crafting tables and some more basic building inside, save players having to trek all the way back just to repair pick axes. Also makes sense that we can build in something that is presumably build by previous Valheim inhabitants (now Draugr).
Sunken Mausoleum: Requires a swamp key, allows player crafting inside. A much larger Crypt with 2 full floors. Has stone ruins around it in a grid to hint that it was once a standing building as well, and occasionally some small muddy scrap piles outside it. Has Draugr Elite and Oozer's in it. Sometimes has a "burned" room with Surtlings. Guaranteed to have a Bonemass vegvisir at the end.

Introduce a new craft able item, the silver key. Uses the Swamp key and 1 silver bar. (gives players incentive to go kill old boss for additional swamp key)
Dwarven Tome: Requires Silver Key, allows player crafting. Contains Draugr, Draugr Elite, and occasionally a Golem or two. Usually small, with only a few rooms. No hall ways just rooms separated by doors (maybe iron bars). Has Silver and Iron Bars, ruined smelters and charcoal kilns that can be broken down for 1-3 Surtling cores, lots of Gold Coins / Rubies / Silver Necklaces. Occasionally has a Ymir flesh hidden in it. Occasionally has a Moder vegvisir in it.
Fenring Shrine: Requires Silver Key to open. Simpler layouts with wide hallways and open rooms. No doors between rooms, but long wide hallways incentivizing using sneak to avoid aggroing the entire place at once. No player crafting. Contains Wolfs and Fenrings. No silver or silver necklaces found in it at all. Does not have any gold or "valuable" items, has a few shrines with deer corpses on them. Shrines have some sort of moon symbolism on them. Has a Fenring in it with 1-2 stars near the end. Occasionally has a Ymir flesh hidden in it. Guaranteed to have a Moder vegvisir at the end.Introduce a new runestone with lore hinting that some of the previous Valheim inhabitants became Fenring to avoid becoming Draugr. Maybe the Dwarfs tricked them?

Introduce a new craft able item, the ocean charm. Made with the wishbone, 1 iron bar, and one more item, maybe a fish, chitin, or greydwarf shaman trophy? not sure exactly. it is considered an accessory. Having the Ocean Charm equipped reduces your boats aggro range for Serpents and Leech's, and causes more fish to spawn around you when in the ocean. Still detects buried treasure, no longer detects silver. (gives players incentive to go kill old boss for additional wishbone)
Abyssal Depths: Requires ocean charm to enter, no player crafting. Essentially a floating (stationary) Leviathan corpse. Has Barnacles that are already mined on it. Is a 1 room dungeon like the Troll Cave, with text similar to that from the runestones that can not be translated along the walls. Greydwarf Shamans and a Fuling Shaman or two that are not hostile towards each other are circled around a serpent spawner with scales and Chitin around it. (spawns serpents outside the dungeon). Occasionally has a Ymir flesh hidden in it.What strange ritual is going on here?

Lox Cave: Large rock formation similar to troll cave on the outside, but less tall and more wide on the inside. No player crafting. Houses a pack of 3-6sih lox with one or two of them occasionally having stars. Can sometimes fine barley / flax / Cloudberries that they have brought back.Hive: This dungeon would have a layout similar to a burial chambers with no doors, but textured like a beehive. No player crafting. Has Beehives and Deathsquito's in it. Deathsquito's act more like wolf's when in their hive. Has a Deathsquito with a star or two in it somewhere as the "queen". Chance to have a Yagluth vegvisir. *If you thought you hated Deathsquito's now, oh buddie.*While I've thought about a "Fuling dungeon", their camps being above ground makes sense and I think they are a fine alternative to dungeons. They carry torches and build campfires and bonfires to see in the dark, which makes me think they don't want to live in the dark, so why would they live underground? The other creatures don't seem to mind, and sometimes prefer, the dark.

Ive been loving this game excited to see what all of its progression has in store! Following their roadmap I could see the mountain dungeons being included in the Cult of the Wolf update, and the Ocean one in the Ships and the Sea update!Edits to correct weird formatting errors / typo

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