Do this neat trick if you don’t want to be rezed

Shout at me as soon at you get knocked calling me a dumb bitch and I will 100% of the time not pick you up.

People also seem to forget this is a team based game, while you can display your kills, they aren’t the main point, point is to to make it full squad to the end. Kill stealing isn’t a thing in this game cause the end goal is to win. But if you want that enemy to knock you instead of me helping thin the enemy squad, I guess I’m cool with you taking the L and spamming pick up ping.

I like winning, but I’ll take a 100 games being the first squad killed vs having some overly aggressive ding dong calling me me a bitch because they didn’t hear my multiple pings that I was leaving the area and they got rolled over by a full squad cause they weren’t paying attention.

I main lifeline I’m all about helping my team, but the moment you start calling names because you aren’t moving with the rest of the squad, you’re dead to me.


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