Don’t like how there is no total stat tracker where other teammates can see so they don’t leave the game the instant they see your stats when you are trying out a new Legend.

When you use a Legend, the stats only show for that legend. Some people are super toxic and when they see you stats, they get mad at you for only camping to get to level 31 (my level) and then insta-leave the game because they think I’m bad. I’m decent, but they would never know because they most of the time quit the instant they see I have a low amount of kills and wins on Lifeline. Maybe Respawn could add a keybind to switch stats between total kills, wins, etc. in the part where you can inspect people’s legends. Then people will know how much kills, wins, etc. Like I just started playing Lifeline for like the first or second time (she is really fun) but only have 10 kills on her. But on Wraith, I have 176 kills. If there was a keybind to switch between kills, wins, etc. per legend to kills, wins, etc. per account, people won’t just insta-leave the game when they see your kills and stuff like that. This would be the only thing I am asking of Respawn right now.


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