Elite Zone too punishing for people who likes fighting

Before I start I just wanna say my squad never camps for even a split second in Apex, be it normal queue or Elite queue. So please spare me with the "mad cus can't camp" hate, thanks.

Guys in Respawn please play test your game before releasing changes like this ok? At least have a discussion within your design group or whatever before you release…. Me and my team were fighting 3 squads back to back outside the edge of the 1st ring and just finished fighting when the ring closed upon us. We got wiped cus we haven't had a chance to heal at all, or even run for the ring even when it's just less than a hundred meters away. This is so stupid as it's incredibly punishing and frustrating for players who just like fighting (or gets caught by another squad and forced to fight) instead of going into the circle immediately as it spawns… Elite queue would be more about fighting anyways right? My squad are a bunch of people who would rush to wherever there's gun sound, be it inside the ring or not. The new change that's supposed to deal with campers hit people like us HARD…

Other BR games like PUBG have a pretty nice take on Ring damage, which increases as you get further away from the ring, so u won't get punshed if ur caught in a gunfight close to the ring and can't run for it in time, and I think apex should definitely have a similar mechanic, instead of basically killing EVERYONE who loves to fight non-stop, since this is the sole reason I love Apex so much but not other BR games.

There is another way I think of that could deal with the camping problem without hurting players like us, that if you haven't got a kill or haven't dealt any damage in certain minutes the ring hurts you more. Or they can simply show us the ring in Elite games (like Battlefield V's Firestorm) to encourage planning, whether you want to risk your squad and drop outside the ring, or to hotdrop into it. The ring should spawn closer to the center more frequently so players can actually test their skill from fighting, instead of gambling with their luck.

TL;DR – Hate the new change, it collides with my squad's playstyle, which is basically what got us into enjoying Apex, and they should increase damage as you get further away from the ring, so people who love fighting won't get punished alongside with campers

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