Extending character selection with a twist?

As the title says. I think these could be an interesting way for character selection.

Maybe something like:
– 3 seconds to change characters one last time after everybody has picked one. This would follow up with a confirmation from each teammate saying that they're fine with the selection. This would help last minute picks and also control character switching. If people don't respond or end on a 50/50 split, then RNG the selection like a coin flip to confirm or decline.

To build on top of that:
– Note, a good balance is that in doing this, it could result in launch delay (people that take up more time, have less time to launch [they choose to launch wherever the ship is after selection or launch instantly wherever the ship is at that instant])

I really like the second one as I feel it gives some more balance to character selection. Ibwas just thinking how sometimes for me, when I pick a character I didnt mean to I wish I had a way to pick it real quick at least. What do you all think of this? Or is the character selection fine as is?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/g3xlts/extending_character_selection_with_a_twist/

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