Free Legends

I just thought that if Apex gives us legends each season soon we will have many legends to buy so what if lets say when the next legend gets into the game they could make Caustic or Mirage or both free so that it does not looks like you need to buy all the legends. They could make it every season they launch one legend that costs and make one legend free from now on. And to all that already buyed that legend give back the apex coins or the legend tokens depending on WHat they used, it could be partial or completly . Because for new people in the future it would be like if half of the legends needed to be paid. And if you are a some one from Respawn and you are going to use the idea, 100000000000000 Apex coins would serve me….. Just Kiding take the idea for free. If you think is a bad idea feel free to comment it, I would like to see your Point. Maybe this idea is not original from me but I just wanted to post it.


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