Free to Play(F2P) Game Purchase Structure

At first my initial impression on Fortnite and Apex was that it was super awesome for it to be free but I've since reversed my view halfway on that. A result of the F2P game market is game stores, I get that they need money for the game to continue and operate and be successful. However I think it could be done better.

My thought is to continue to offer the game for free or an option to buy the game for a standard starting rate of $30-$60. Those who didn't purchase the game(F2P Players) keep/give them the ability to purchase cool skins in the shop with the current pricing model of using Coins. Those who have purchased the game would simply have the current model switched from Coins to Legend Tokens.

What would this accomplish? In my opinion the model I highlighted above would essentially add a free trial period for those semi/serious gamers that are on the fence about trying a game. Meanwhile for the less dedicated gamers, they can still play the game for free with an option to financially support the game in the future.

NOTE: I haven't thought about battle passes but I would keep those where they are at, its basically a reccuring verion of my model for buying a game. Buy battle pass, earn items.


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