How are there still no PREDATOR-SERVERS yet?

Imagine you, diamond rank and 2 other strangers you just met on discord for example. You are against "Aceu" and two other skilled teammates of his that is probably his Clan/Squad he plays competitively with. Which means not only is there a skill gap between you and the individual, but we also have to consider the superior teamwork and communication skills between players that have been playing at a competitive level for possibly YEARS so they have superb chemistry against well…. us random folk in diamond lol

Now don't get me wrong I love competition, but lets be real, it's LEVELS when it comes to skill+communication as a team, so I would at least like the idea of playing against competitive/highly skilled players in a Predator-Server and at least have teammates all at a competent level of skill.

Would like your opinions on this topic.


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