How Can I Improve My Content

I have been at YouTube for multiple years and have always wanted to improve on my Content to chase the dream of not having to work at a job I hate and make content that entertains people and have them feel invested enough to enjoy my Content for the long run.

However I just want to know if people even find the content enjoyable and worth the subscribe. Please do not take this as a selfish plug all I want is criticism on my Content so that I can improve as a creator. If you enjoy the content please let me know why if you don't please let me know why.

I've always loved video making but have went into livestreaming these couple of years. However I always have a calling to continue to make videos but before I do so I just want to know if people enjoy what I am putting out because I never want to put out garbage content.

So please hit me with your best shot. It can be brutal but please do it from the aspect of criticism. I genuinely want to improve.

The channel has 4 videos however I didn't only post 4 videos on YouTube, I love Apex Legends and I want to focus on this community. Please tell me if the content is yay or nay. Thank you for reading and I hope you will leave me with your comments.

Thank you.

P.S Mods if this post affects any rules please dm me on how to have the post approved.



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