Huge theory about the trailer!

Theory time boys!! (And girls, i dont discriminate)

So i need to lay out the ground ideas; the guy who was shaving, will be called Prevenant

And the simulcrum will be called Revenant

Okay? Okay we good. Theory time baby:

So when the cinematic starts we see Prevenant shaving his facial hair. He then walks out of his bathroom to see a bounty on Marcos Andrade for 10,000,000 Apex Coins. He then swipes the screen, taking the job. Afterwards we see Revenant climb up the tower and kill everyone up there, except for Andrade's daughter (keep this in mind for later). Andrade sends her down the elevator and then dies to Revenant. Revenant has a piece of glass stuck in his shoulder, he looks into a mirror and sees Prevenant with a piece of glass sticking out of his body, he pulls it out and then sees Revenant in the mirror, he has a break down.

My theory? Well Prevenant had a Hammond Robotics table, and Revenant had a Hammond Robotics stamp on his hand. So i think that Prevenant was a Hammond Robotics employee. And he somehow became Hammond Robotics hit man, but before he actually became their hit man, they took him and made him into a simulacrum. They put a device that made his eyes see his his old self in the mirror. Im guessing that he told them NOT to make him a simulacrum and they did anyway. So once he sees himself as a simulacrum he has a mental break down. He tries to get revenge by killing everyone involved with Hammond Robotics. Everyone. This is why he killed Forge, but he didnt kill the reporter interviewing him, as she wasnt a part of Hammond Robotics. So i think that the owners of the Apex Games see that Forge is dead, so they offer his place to Revenant, and help him get at Hammond Robotics

Now for Andrade's daughter, I believe she will be following Revenant to try and get revenge for her father, much like crypto in season 2, I think we will see bits of the little girl (who wont be little anymore because of a time skip, i believe she would be around 24-30 at current day) and she might even enlist crypto for help

Okay now that was a damn wall of text lmao
If you guys have any ideas or have your own theories or if you have anything to add let me know in the comments


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