A Wiggler’s Map Guide

My daddy was a wiggler, his daddy was a wiggler, and by God, I'm a wiggler too. I set out this wipe to use my scav as a wiggle tester, roaming each map to see what the best wiggle spots are. Below are my results for each map.

General Rule 1: Do not attempt a wiggle in a hotspot (dorms, resort, kiba, etc) as people in those areas are fully ready to kill anything that moves at a moments notice.

General Rule 2: The bigger the initial group you wiggle at and the higher the cost of their gear will exponentially increase the difficulty of a successful wiggle. Rich PMC's with rich friends don't seem to want to associate with a lowly scav.

Now, on to the results.

Factory: A true 50/50. Usually fails because the target is either a new player that is afraid, or a juice lord that doesn't care. That being said, I've had tremendous results gathering teams of up to 4 or 5 players to roam the factory floors in search of those that dare to disrespect the wiggle.

Customs: Must be in close quarters to successfully convert a wiggle into a friend. Given that it is very easy to be 3rd partied on customs in the open after firing, I understand that most people will simply finish the kill and move before they get caught out. Try following a player into a warehouse and spamming voice lines with your knife out for best results.

Woods: Suffers from the same problem as customs, but without the ability to get close to the target. Would not recommend wiggling here.

Interchange: Wiggle heaven. This is the premiere wiggle map in EFT, so long as you avoid the middle of the mall and top floor. Many people are there to fill up on loose loot and get out, so killing each other serves little purpose when both our bags are full of DVD's and bolts. I've had people potato entire clips in my direction and, after a noble wiggle, give me meds to heal the wounds they inflicted on me. Note if this happens to you, give the person a stick of ram or other useful item for being a bro**

Shoreline: Very low chance of success, especially after the addition of the new boss. Same problem as Customs/Woods with the necessity of movement after open engagements, but now with the added bonus of many people on the map being thicc 5-man death squads.

Reserve: Do not wiggle here. Don't even try it. The PMC's on this map do not miss their shots and are usually carrying enough loot to not want to take the chance that you might screw them. These people aren't your fresh faced, happy-go-lucky players just trying to get by like in other maps. These people are jacked up on G-Fuel and trying their best to imitate popular streamers that get high kill counts. You have been warned.

There you have it, that's my wiggle experience this wipe. Godspeed to any of you would be wigglers and God bless you that respect it. But to those that would use the wiggle to lure a fellow player into a false sense of security, killing them and betraying their trust; may you always spawn late, and may your exfils always be camped.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i8npj7/a_wigglers_map_guide/

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