I dont understand this sbmm

How does this system make any sense? Isn't the whole point of sbmm to protect low tier players? Yet every game I play I get matched with two below average players that are essentially cannonfodder in the lobbies it puts me into. If the dev's want to separate us good players from the rest, fine, but why go half in and still allow low tier players into a match with us. And high skill players weren't even that much of a problem before. It would be rare if I saw another pred in my lobbies now I only see preds and diamonds. I can still hold my own but unless I have my squad on winning is so much harder than it should be. I won more pred ranked games yesterday than pubs. I'd be fine with this system if it actually matched me with other good players, but even then your still at a disadvantage against premade squads. The level of coordination with pings isn't the same as talking with mics and damage callouts/tactics/ There's almost no point to pubs unless I have my friends(also pred) on. And I'm not even able to play with certain friends because they get stomped on in my lobbies.

Also for the love of all things holy remove the charge rifle or nerf it into oblivion.

Sincerely just another complainer

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