Dynamic Weather: The Next Step for Visuals

World of Tanks likely doesn’t have many more visual steps it can take currently. The game looks great for its age but it’d be cool to see it go a step further.

Dynamic Weather and Day/Night versions of maps could be cool. I’d suggest sandstorms, snow, rain, and fog be used on maps where it is applicable. I don’t think these should be super obnoxious or last the whole game but should certainly be there. You could have it take place randomly during matches. Day/Night versions of maps would be cool too, I’m not talking pitch black as it just wouldn’t make for good gameplay, but just dark enough to warrant the use of headlights on your tanks. It’s about time our tanks got them.

Maybe this is too far for the game but I think it’s a neat addition to the game. Especially since it wouldn’t be one of these Big Insert Game System 2.0 patches.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/p6hyg2/dynamic_weather_the_next_step_for_visuals/

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