I noticed something, and it has bugged me, so I’m drawing attention to it.

Number 1. Respect yourself. You do NOT med to be insultive, immature, or just generally, act like a child to make a point. Be an adult, as 99% of this comm is, and this should be smooth.

Point of the post: Every single time I play as Loba, it does not matter where my squad drops, whether in KC or WE, from Tree to Shipping, Bunker or Artillery. When I wear Loba, everywhere I drop has high end loot. Now I don't recall her passive being able to modify loot spawns, only being able to see loot through terrain. If I play as anyone else, I'm lucky to FIND purple at drop, let alone find, equip, and mark purple for me and my squad. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just….I dunno, being random? Does this happen to anyone else?

Take note; I am WELL aware every game spawns random loot, and sometimes it doesn't spawn until the first players land. However, I just find it concerning when my squad drops to the minor, low end locations, and we walk with at least one purple KD shield, normally SP for Wing or Bow, or someone finds a Legendary.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/iutv89/i_noticed_something_and_it_has_bugged_me_so_im/

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