I really hate the sound of the armour health change

The change reducing all shields heath by 25 honestly sounds really bad to me for several reasons:

  1. One of the most unique things about apex is it’s longer TTK, this makes fight more strategic and interesting because it’s not always “shoot first win fight”, you can recover and tuen it around if you’re skilled enough and this update definitely changes that. The longer TTK is one of the best things about apex to me at least.

  2. This change is going to make third partying even MORE unbearable as before like i said before you could potentially recover. They say the change rewards tactical positioning but all i see this doing is rewarding third partying even more. Especially right now when many people seem to think games end too quickly this will only make that worse.

  3. A change like this when there are things in the game that alter how much damage people take (fortified and low profile) this change could seriously mess up the balancing. Gibby’s gun shield is now going to be HUGE as an extra fifty health was already great but now is even more important.

  4. Why they decided to introduce this in the season that’s putting the devotion back on the ground and having turrets and amped walls that block incoming damage and buff outgoing i fo not know.

  5. This is personal for sure but shorter TTK in general really doesn’t appeal to me. The fact i can be having an amazing game and fighting really well only to lose because i got killed in less than a second from behind with a turbocharged devotion just sounds fucking annoying honestly and is why I’m playing apex instead of warzone or fortnite

TLDR: shorter TTK sounds like it carries a lot more problems with it than at first glance and to me at least doesn’t fit apex.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ibpaj9/i_really_hate_the_sound_of_the_armour_health/

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