I think reddit has officially won, there is no real incentive to be good left in the game

Well done casuals, you might’ve officially done it. Every possible tool a good player has had is now officially gone.

Weapons that require mechanics? Gone

Characters and playstyles that enable aggression? Gone

Bhop healing? Gone

Short range firefights? Gone

Now, all we have left is a stale, camp fest of a meta because there isn’t a chance you can still play aggressive. You’ll get 55’ed by spitfires, shields knocked instantly by disruptor, or teamfired by the team on a high ground only accessible by 1/9 of the characters. Even ranked is a progression system, where everybody gets a cookie. If you can’t get to diamond, lmao, you should probably find a different game to play.

This game is the most recent title to fall victim of “reddit balance”, completely tailored to the average pleb and actively discourages its skilled minority. Like I’ve said before, balancing around casuals ruins games, and that’s clearly what’s happening here.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cbnhib/i_think_reddit_has_officially_won_there_is_no/

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