I would really like YOUR reason you feel this way?

As a, gamer, a human playing apex. I am genuinely having a hard time understanding why this pay to play event has pissed so many people off?

Ok, to start, I understand that the new packs are a bit on the steep side, so please make a point in this discussion besides the fact that the price is the issue.

I really don’t feel as I need to make a long drawn out conclusion as to why I feel the way I feel. Im simply going to state my case, and encourage any and all reply’s backing or contesting my point.


I am not upset at all with their choice to make the event predominately pay to play.

I feel that there is zero reason to roast EA For their decisions to do this for these reasons,

  1. It gives zero advantages in game, the skins do not have fast reload animations , they do not grant significant muzzle flash reductions, they do not give more damage, the character skins do not allow extra in game passives, every skin in the event is purely cosmetic.

  2. EA as a whole has millions of dollars of over head running cost, and for us a a community to continue to get games such as apex, which are truly free to play, (not a dumbed down, less access version of a game) they need to make money. So yes, micro transactions are necessary. They probably could have gotten away with making the boxes cost a lot less, but in turn, you are going to give the community the arguably best looking skins in game, for far cheaper than what getting another legendary would cost. So the only way to counter that is to make even more basic/rare/ ultra/ skins to keep the odds fair.

  3. You do not have to spend a dime during this event, you simply just can not unlock certain, (yes very attractive) cosmetics.


My closing statement is that I like to look at this event as what many company’s chose to do. This event is basically like twitch subscribers, having different benefits when subscribed with different tier subscriptions. (Yes I know you get things like ad block, but let’s ignore that portion as I’m using twitch as a common company that we are all mostly familiar with. ). That being said, you can watch twitch completely free, or you can choose to support the format, and the creator by spending more money, in turn giving you a since of pride know you are supporting a creator by giving them money, same compared to , spending more money in game which in turn goes to EA, how they disperse their money they receive to their employees is beyond me, and I would like to leave that out of this discussion.

We buy skins to look cool. That’s it, if you want a skin, and you can not afford it, or not justify the cost, you can either sell belongs to get it, work side jobs, or just accept the fact that your in game character will not have the “sickest skin” when you load into your game.

I am a 23 year old gamer at heart, I work 70-80 hours a week. I can afford to spend 200$ on a game to look cool, so I purchased it.

I look forward to hearing your different statements in regards to this event! <3

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/crehv7/i_would_really_like_your_reason_you_feel_this_way/

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