I’d like to propose the 10 commandments of Apex Legends:

1) Thou shalt not steal another players character selection in the load out screen just to be a dick.

2) Thou shalt always ping a location before launching from the jump ship.

3) Thou shalt always divert course before landing so as not to fight over loot.

4) Thou shalt never steal items from a cargo bot that another has shot down.

5) Thou shalt always use the ping system, even if you have mic.

6) Thou shalt always ping Mozambique.

7) Thou shalt only take one good item from a care package and ping the others for thine teammates.

8) Thou shalt never use a finisher when other enemies are near, unless thine posses a gold shield.

9) Thou shalt always revive thine teammates before looting enemy death boxes.

10) Thou shalt respect "dibs" on pinged items.

What am missing here?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dxbz8l/id_like_to_propose_the_10_commandments_of_apex/

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