Idea for progression after lvl, 100.

Many things about this idea will have to be tweaked depending on the communities opinions and the devs desires, but here is the ground work for an idea that will allow people to earn apex packs, and other items after level 100.

This idea is insipred by Titan Fall 2 and its Pilot Regeneration.

Once a player achieves level 100, they will be given the opportunity to restart their character. But by restart I mean that you revert to what a lvl 1 would have in terms of legends. The player would keep all their cosemtics and skins for all legends but would have to re-unlock Octane, Wattson, Caustic, and Mirage. By doing this you would be given the level badge of Gen x.y where y = your level by hundreds and the y will be whatever level your character has progressed to. Example: a level 325 player would have a Gen 3.25 level badge. This could max out to maybe Gen 10. Regeneration will not happen unless the player says so and will be availale until the player chooses to regen.

However, this is not the only thing that the player can get from regenerating. Every 10 levels(or what level the devs deem is good) the player would recieve an apex pack. these apex packs could allow the player the chance to unlock all curreneltly unlocked cosmetics plus maybe 10 or so unique cosmetics that would not be available to below 100 players. This would continue on for each generation.

Some other ideas that could be worked into the game that would allow perks to Regenerated pilots.

– The option to host and participate in custom lobbies (if they are added)when Gen 2 is reached to compete for a prize, say Apex packs or Apex Coins.

– The ability to pay legends tokens to create some minor cosmetics by for select use to that specific player. There would be no sharing of skins on an ingame market. Players would pay more to recolor epeic and/or legendary skins using a minor selection of art tools. This might allow the art department to focus more on battle pass rewards rather than the weekly rotated reskins.

Let me know what you think on how this could impact game features like the store, buying apex packs, battle passes, and on how things could be tweaked to better fit the game.


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