Why does this community think they are worthy of communication?

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Why did Ice-frog stop talking to the community? It was because of relentless toxicity.

We have a player in the dota scene called "Amar the f*****" and various other pros on professional teams have had words like "rape" in their name.

Various pros have been involved in instances of bullying and racial discrimination in game evidenced by screenshots.

Guild names and logos are often rude and abusive.

The whole scene was involved in the "metoo" movement which it hasnt learned from as evidenced by the attitude the scene had towards female casters at ti10.

This subreddits most popular post is a demand to "give patch".

Dota 2 streamers have historically violated Valve rules by streaming tournaments on twitch.

High MMR players support smurfing and promote it on youtube calling it "educational content".

Before DPC tour, a lot of dota 2 teams decided to just show up for TI qualifiers and contribute nothing throughout the year to the dota 2 ecosystem.

Some Dota 2 teams tried to pervert the DPC by buying slots rather than earning them.

Dota 2 players dont read emails.

Dota 2 players and orgs couldn't be bothered creating fan bundles which offer 50/50 profit split.

How many instances of match fixing have there been in the last year?

Remind me again why this community thinks they are worthy of honest communication? You're all animals.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/s3br1y/why_does_this_community_think_they_are_worthy_of/

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