I’m a massive fan of this game, but feel like we need some Respawn comments for ongoing issues.

I play this game every day and still have fun every time, except for scenarios that involve game breaking bugs and exploits.

Sound is still a huge issue and so many of them seem to be cutting out or are nonexistent. Aside from the trello page saying that they are investigating, I have not heard an update. This directly results in getting killed when one could have otherwise defended themselves

Servers still seem to be poor quality. I have not seen code:leaf and others for a while, so I appreciate that. But, general performance and tick rate seriously hinder players without perfect connections. Unwarranted deaths abound and losing fights that you should have won due to stutters or lag are absolutely disheartening.

I have been paired with and gone against numerous strikepack users and mouse and keyboard players on Xbox, and I'm sure the same is true for PS4. Even players on my team have admitted to using said means. I spend hours in training perfecting my aim, only to be outgunned by what are, quite frankly, cheaters. Again, better servers would help in this regard.

I grind this game and just want my efforts to show, so please address or comment on these issues, Respawn. Feel free to share your experiences related to these, or others you have encountered.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/d587a1/im_a_massive_fan_of_this_game_but_feel_like_we/

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