I’m not a fan of the new meta

I loved Apex so much when the game first dropped. Everything felt balanced for the most part (looking at you wingman), but with the start of season 2 the game has changed so much, and now feels like the rush meta is way more powerful. The guns that were great starting guns but ones you looked to replace, have become the linch pin of the whole season. Not that I don’t love what they’ve done to them, but they’re so plentiful it feels broken. I find maybe one skull piercer every 3 matches. I can’t go more then 2 feet it seems without finding hammer points or disruptor rounds,which wouldn’t be a problem except now the guns that were throw aways are huge players, and shifted the range being pretty optimized so you could play anything, to now I NEED a close quarters weapon period. It used to be close range was r-99 Or PK, mid range was r-301 or wingman, long range was longbow or triple take. It was a game of Rock Paper Scissors Shotgun, but now if I’m not carrying a shotgun and a disruptor alternator I get wrecked. It’s getting old and it makes 3rd partying that much more prominent because everyone has similar set ups. I’m probably just being whiney but it sucks for the over all balance it’s a noticeable shift for the run and gun play style.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cd9rdy/im_not_a_fan_of_the_new_meta/

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