Im reposting this discussion that got downvoted to hell early on about teamers, since now people are starting to catch on that teaming ruins ShadowFall.

*The context of this was a few days in the release of SF. Now its happening almost every match.

I got into a game where 80% of the people that were left were teaming with each other. This was a terrible experience for several reasons if you turn shadow early.

  1. You get less people on your side. If they are teaming in a bunker when there is more than 10 legends still alive it's just really unfun because you have less on your side from the get go and have to deal with a difficulty not intended in the modes balance.

  2. This delays the dropship from appearing since it doesnt trigger the event until 10 players are left. This makes it excruciatingly long for those few shadows facing 20+ people teaming.

  3. This deters shadows from playing out the game and they decide to leave. By the time there were only 11 legends left in my game there were only 8 shadows in my game. That meant 16 people had left the game already. (at this point its pretty much a given loss for shadows especially if theyve bunkered up somewhere good)

  4. Well this ones not a general point but it happened in my game where i regretted staying long enough for all this to happen but sometimes you actually spawn underneath the map. This happened to me and the remaining shadows when the circle engulfed artillery.

Look i get its fun to have teams but this just ruins the game mode once everyone starts doing it. It'll be unfun for shadows and unfun for legends because of how easy it becomes. In the beginning it was really fun because of all the spontaneous moments and you had to watch out for other legends and be wary of them but now that people are starting to do this behaviour, I have a feeling this mode is not gonna last long.

I have a few suggestion that may mitigate this.

  1. Getting more incentive to kill other legends. Perhaps giving a player extra health bars or a guaranteed purple drop per 2 kills or a speed boost for a period of time or you get a % of ult charge or you get a damage boost. Anything really that will incentivize you to kill the other legends because as it is right now, the best way for the legends side to win is if they team before the 10 player mark.

  2. Let players team but they get a debuff if they group too long together like extra cooldown on their abilities or their area gets a red glow for shadows to see that theres people teaming in an area. of course when its 10 players left this would not be the case.

  3. Make a leave penalty for shadows if the game hasnt finished.

Now i know 2 and 3 are probably not ideal at all but I think 1 is where the direction of balance should go. In any case if teamers arent solved I think this mode will slowly turn to shit.


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