Is It Just Me Or Do I Have The Worst Luck In The History Of Apex?

Hi, I'm an average player. I'm not a pro, but I don't believe I am awful. I have played since the very end of season 3 and I play literally EVERY DAY for hours. So I have a lot of time in the game and learning. So anyway, once in a blue moon I will fucking play decently, but so far usually every game I have the shittiest luck ever. For instance, every game even landing high tier, all there is to loot is mozambiques or p20s or snipers. Sometimes good guns with no ammo anywhere in sight, or a shield and no guns or a gun and no shields and the first person who comes to fight me has a blue and an r99. On top of that every time I take on a 1v1 9 times out of 10 their friends fucking laser me from across the map and I die. I don't know what it is but I can never hit a pathfinder for the life of me, with my gun touching his fucking mouth the bullet would still miss or do 1 damage. I also constantly just literally have bad luck and accidentally use my q or shoot my gun or fucking fall off the map and die. I also hate the fact that when landing I almost always am punched across the fucking room when trying to loot because of the delayed land and die, yet when I try to punch people they always can still get the loot and shoot me and Im fucked. I also hate when I look around to make sure no one lands and I literally dont see any of the jet pack streams and yet last game I just did the whole fucking map landed where I did and I didnt see them at all until they landed next to me. I usually only get 3 kills in the game now when a month ago Id usually always at least get 5. My team mates always die right away if I dont first, we always get 3rd partied 70 percent of the time when we were this close to killing people. I always get 1 shot by snipers who arent even near us or actually fighting us just poking. I miss all my shots using a wingman or havoc or r99, when Ive played this long and train in shooting range all the time, and its not because I get nervous because I dont, I fucking tried practicing recoil control, speed control, in training grounds I can hit the targets and shit but in game its like everyones a fucking pixel on my screen. I always get killed by caustics who I almost 1 shot because they just toss their gas at me and shit so Im slowed and fucking die to everyone else around thats shooting. If we go in to 3rd party about 70 percent of the time both those squads will stop fighting and kill us loot us and then return to the og fight. When Im loba not sure if this is a bug but I have been dying alot when trying to TP places, like its just the ground not anything dangerous or off the map and sometimes she just wags her finger no, and the stupidest part of that is that sometimes it still will TP in lava and I'll die. I really don't like letting a game stress me this much and yeah I know its about having fun, but I'm trying to become a pro gamer and streamer, and Im trying to become maybe the best Loba in the game some day. But I cant with this bullshit…. On top of that some days I can play apex for hours with fine frames and zero lag. Other days its dog shit and I ping pong everywhere or freeze and die, especially when Im playing pubs to warm up for ranked, when I go to play ranked my dreaded lag will return because god hates me so I cant play the game and lose rp and my time is wasted as well as fucking over my team. Ive looked in to my internet and have no idea why it does this, just random packet loss some days and some days its fine. I just Idk, if anything I needed to rant about this because is much of a pussy I may sound.. Ive started getting so upset to the point of crying like a bitch baby… I just dont understand why my luck is always fucked. Im not going to say its ALWAYS this bad, sometimes I get good games every blue moon with 7 kills and a win, but it feels that way when its 85 percent of the time.


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