[NA] upcoming on track tanks

June Sneak preview

So the next two tanks on track are the Cent AX and the STRV 103B.
Like many, I like to go down the on track lines for the 30% discount and bonus xp missions. I've been doing the last few. If the t10 is good, I'll get it, but if not, I stop at t9 as it's the most fun tier to play.

While I'm all in on the STRV, I've been considering not bothering with the AX. I have the t7 completed and t8 unlocked and ready to buy. But I just don't know if the tank line is worth going down. I have the Leopard, the M48 and the speghetto65.

Is there any reason to go down the UK MT line? Are there missions/campaigns where these tanks are good at completing objectives? Do they have any reasonable strengths that make them stand apart or is it the usual, if it ain't russian, it's crap?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/guskbj/na_upcoming_on_track_tanks/

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