I think the recent flea market changes are going to hurt the game in the long run and goes against it’s spirit.

Let's remind ourselves how the flea worked last time:
as soon as you got to level 20, you could buy anything you paid for. If you saved a little, you could build yourself an SKS with BPs. That could actually kill a geared enemy. If you raced high levels, you could buy good equipment directly from the Traders for cheap, but still had to fear losing your gear, because you weren't invulnerable to all the different ammos low level players could buy.

The situation now? I have seen a few level 40s already, but hell, you only need to be level 35 to buy Redut Ms, ZSh-1-2M and a 50 Recoil AK with BS or an AKM with BP. Could I interest you in a BiS FAL? or an MDR? A SCAR maybe? With M855A1 by any chance?
Give it a couple of days until you will see one high level player in most lobbies, who will only die after 6 or 7 hits to the chest, whereas you are dead after one or two hits. Even headshots aren't reliable anymore, BT or BP doesn't always penetrate class 4 helmets.
And now imagine what it's like starting a month late. You quite literally, cannot kill anyone reliably.
Good luck completing any of the "Kill PMCs"-quests.

What happened to Tarkov, the hardcore game where even if you have the best gear, you're not safe. Everything can mean death, better be careful. I've been playing this game for over two years now, give me a week and i'll have all traders maxed. Good luck fighting me, you can't hurt me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/riswyq/i_think_the_recent_flea_market_changes_are_going/

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