Just how much better are Apex Predators than Golds?

Ok so after a couple of weeks I’ve stopped playing Apex and gone back to my other games, which means my Gold friends have had to get a 3rd. We’ve played ranked a bit and rose up pretty quickly but have all consistently been Gold 2 for the last couple of days. They found a guy on Discord with a Plat account who is apparently Predator on his main.

My friends played with him (one of them is worse than me and I’ve only had the game for two weeks, he might be the least naturally talented person I’ve ever seen play games. He grinds Kovaaks more than any of my KBM friends and is worse than all of them) and won a few games. I said in a GC they’re getting hard carried as a joke and they came back and said he doesn’t carry them and he’s “good but not a carry”.

I find this pretty hard to believe coming from Overwatch, Rocket League and Fortnite. In any of those games, if you were to play with a top 500 player you would be like “holy fuck I might as well have aimbot”. If you put a high GC Rocket League player in a Gold match, he would win 10-0 and the opponents wouldn’t touch the ball. If you put a GM Widow in a Gold Overwatch game the golds would die before they knew what happened.

Now I’m aware these games are different to Apex in so many ways, so my question is –

Is it possible they are playing with a legit Predator and not getting to some extent carried?

Is there a chance the guy has a boosted account? (this is a thing in OW and RL, not sure about Apex)

My friends also say they (Plat, Gold, Gold) had a Pred in every game they played, is this likely?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gdmi0q/just_how_much_better_are_apex_predators_than_golds/

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