Just my thoughts on the state of Apex right now and what’s really happening

Let us take a minute to clear the air regarding the content drought that we are experiencing at the moment:

Apex has been with us since early Feb, we are almost at the 4 month mark, this game at launch took the world by storm… and in doing so took Respawn by surprise, the devs did not anticipate the game taking off as it did and as such, were completely unprepared.

What does this mean for the community? The Battlepass was pre-designed before the game even landed, which is why it was a complete hot pile of junk for the most part, this has led to a lot of frustration within the community, with a lot of you in here and around the world vowing to not touch the game again, until there are meaningful updates with content worth grinding for… I myself have found that I am more often than not turning to other games at this point, although I still enjoy jumping on Apex to play some games.

The long term effects of Respawns oversight do have some benefits though, their dev teams are going to be working on big things for the future, now they know how badly they messed up, unlike Titanfall and Titanfall 2, they did not release the game in the same release window as games like Battlefield and COD, they have learned from those past mistakes.

The biggest long term effect is that Respawn are holding off on releasing any new content because they want the community to be happy with what they bring to the table next, that means that in the interim, there will only be light patches because they need to work extra hard on developing meaningful content for you guys.

What I’m saying is, don’t right this game off just yet, Fortnite wasn’t created in a day, it wasn’t created in 4 months either, wait until season 2, see if Respawn learn from this, I know that for some of you, they have already crossed the line and in your minds are at a point of no return… thee event horizon if you will, however, I still hold out hope for the game, it has so much potential… just wait.

Shikari87 signing off for now, let me know below in the comments, what you want to see in the next battlepass/future updates for the game, if you are a diehard fan of the game, let me know what gives you the strength to keep playing

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