Advice on what premium tanks to buy (Heavy/TD)

Hello, iv been playing this game for a few months and have been trying to decide what premium tanks to buy that fit my playstyle.

For starters I love being a front line heavy tank. I'm looking for a t8 or 9, with really good armor and a high damage/penetration gun. I was thinking of something along the lines of the best IS or maybe a defender?

I'm also looking into getting 1 or 2 TDs. I'm looking for one with a great gun and the other with great armor. I find that TDs with excellent armor are so fun to play as and hard to kill. But I also want a sniper tank that can penetrate just about anything. Also in the t789 range. I was thinking for this the E25. I seem to find those everywhere and waiting for it to get in the shop. But for a gun TD I'm looking for a damage dealer.

Any help/advice would be appreciated thanks.


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