Leaked transcription of Respawn dev team meeting

Alright guys, we got a new hero coming up pretty soon. Her name is Loba and she's a thief. Any ideas as to what sort of ability a thief could get?

Let's think real hard guys. What sort of an ability can we give to a thief.

An ability for a thief that wouldn't be complete dogshit after the first 3 minutes of a match.

An ability for a thief, remember guys.

Maybe an ability that would be fun and innovative too.

silence in the room

Guys come on, we need an ability for a thief.

Ability for a thief




nope, no fucking clue what you're hinting at bob, just make her see loot through walls or some shit idk

can she actually be more disappointing kit-wise?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/gb74pd/leaked_transcription_of_respawn_dev_team_meeting/

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