Length of season an issue?

Do you think the additional weeks added into this season could be effecting the lobby overload of preds back into the casual playlist?

At this point, the last round of people grinding in ranked are the people trying to hit the highest tiers before the season is over. A lot of people are over their grinds because they’ve gotten the rank they’ve wanted. Making a high number of top players return into the Play Apex playlist, which is overwhelming.

If the season was the same length as 1&2, or possibly even shorter, would that keep people’s focus more into competitive play instead of dropping back out to pub stomp? SBMM has clearly been brought into the limelight, but imo there could be more than one reason. At this point in the season, this game feels stale. Most people have had the battle pass and the rank they’ve achieved for weeks… so it’s kind of boring right now.

Shorter seasons in the future could keep the sweatier players interested in ranked. Hopefully something more than dive trails as rewards as well, to retain interest? Rank based skin maybe? Okay, I’m probably wishing too much.

Idk. Rambling at this point. Your thoughts?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/eesmp3/length_of_season_an_issue/

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