Less high tier loot on World’s Edge? (S03)

Hey guys, I’ve noticed something “weird” in season 3. I played a lot within the first 7 days, there were some spots with guaranteed stuff such as purple armor at Refinery (right funnel building). I got purple (or better) armor from 18 out of 20 drops. Now I hardly get any good armor there, it’s not even worth landing there anymore.

Same story applies for the vaults. Sometimes I go to the vault and there is no single armor in there. Only weapon attachments or helmets (whatever). The vault loot was so much butter, almost enough legendary stuff for 2 players whereas at the moment even one person cannot be fully equipped. There were some other spots too, train for example, most of the time there are like 5 Phoenix Kits but no armor?

There were some other “secret” spots regarding of the landing zone where I could pretty much always find good stuff. If you ask me, they’ve reduced the amount of high tier loot in the game. I get that it’s no longer legendary if dozens of people have legendary items but what’s the purpose of having loot vaults and these secret dropping locations?

Even the loot in cargo bots has been reduced significantly if you ask me. Right now I often get legendary weapon attachments, there used to be more legendary armor in them.

Maybe this is just me, but I’ve definitely noticed that whilst playing season 3. Let me now your thoughts.

(Btw, sorry for any mistakes I’m not a native speaker)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/dsnc9x/less_high_tier_loot_on_worlds_edge_s03/

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