Lifeline Rework Ideas

It’s obvious that lifeline needs a little something to make her special again, and I have some ideas

Passive: Battle Medic: You can carry twice the amount of whaling items per backpack slot, and helping item in your inventory for 20+ seconds will take 25% less time to apply

Tactical: DOC Drone: Lifeline can choose to deploy the DOC in healing or defensive mode

In healing mode the drone will distribute health to nearby teammates over time, and can be picked up at will. The drone will recharge a bar over time, this bar will deplete as the drone is active and will replenish over a period of 30 seconds when picked up

In defensive mode the drone will deploy a 360 degree shield for 20 seconds, and teammates inside the sheiks will heal and be revived 20% faster. The shield will recharge fully over a period of 30 seconds when in lifelines inventory

Ultimate: Lifeline package: Instantly call down a supply package containing a random assortment of loot (from a new loot pool). The package will recharge over a period of 1 minute and 30 seconds

Let me know what you think in the comments


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