Loba Buff Thread….

Loba is at the bottom of the barrel of Legend's as stated by Respawn and it's obvious why. Loba is one of those characters that abilities are good, but how they're used is done poorly. There's so many things you could think about where her abilities would be great but you simply can't do it, or it's way too unsafe. I think this is do to Respawn aggressively nerfing her from how she was pre-release.

Tactical – Thief's Best Friend:

Loba's tactical is good but that's all it is, good. There so many weird limits to it that keep it from being great. I'll explain what needs to be changed and why.

Loba should be able to run and use her tactical making it more versatile, but after thrown you are slowed as normal. The animation to prep it as well as after teleporting should be reduced slightly.

You should be able to effortlessly throw it in windows and other small openings. Increase the speed she throws the Jump Drive slightly. Decrease Cooldown from 30s -> 25s.

Being able to run with your tactical prepared helps you not be a complete sitting duck, but after you throw it you're slowed like how it is now. Increasing the speed of the throw also helps alleviate a problem I experienced with people just beating you to where you would land and kill you. That's happen playing against Pathfinders, and Octanes. Exactly why being able to throw through windows would help and give her an edge. Also her being a kind of an infiltration character helps as she's a support character. Speaking of infiltration…. You guys are gonna like my buff to her passive.


In addition to Loba's current passive Loba is now able to see enemy traps and devices through walls and can ping them individually to warn teammates. Pinging highlights the traps for your teammates for 5 seconds. In addition Loba delays Gas Trap triggering by 1.5 and doesn't warn Wattson when she crosses a Fence.

I feel like Loba's current passive is fine but that only really helps her and is only uses and incentivized to help just yourself.

This is actually something Bloodhound can do but only when they scan. I want Loba to be a little bit better being a support character and being able to see traps and let your team know is a great way to help your team get around traps. Or just warn them the place is fortress.

Being able to delay traps and not give warning also is because her being a thief she's an expert at getting around heavily guarded and fortified locations without being caught.

Does this make Loba a Recon Legend? No, Recon Legend's point is to know where people are and where to position. Loba is just letting herself as well as her team know what to expect.

Ultimate – Black Market Boutique:

Able to recover teammates banners but limited to only ONE per use.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? Please don't be toxic I'm open to discussion. But I feel like this will bring Loba up as a character and for support of her team too. I actually wouldn't mind if the new passive I suggested replaced the old.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/ipq0eo/loba_buff_thread/

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