Idea for a new luck based hero KingOfDice

Mod Skin Dota 2

I'm constantly thinking of new Dota 2 heroes.

My latest attempt at that concept came to me yesterday while playing Ogre Magi. I admit the hero will be more buggy than all the other heroes combined but will be interesting to play with or against.

Name is KingOfDice.

Ranged, Agility hero

4 skill sets
Upgrading the first skill good gives you a random ranged compatible skill out of all the agility heroes

The second skill, gives you the same out of strength heroes

The third skill, gives you the same out of all intelligent heroes

The ultimate will be random excluding mele related passives if any.

However the ultimate will need 5 seconds of channeling and unlike the rest of the abilities that don't change it has a 3 minutes time limit where you have to random the ultimate again. (You can't reuse the same ultimate)
The upgrade tree

50+ damage – +5 mana regen

  • 10 agility – + 10 strength

Instant ultimate channeling – 2min CD for new ultimate

Keep ultimate infinitely – change ability timeline ( you get the option to choose a different ability from any of your 3 spells and have it at the same level of your current unwanted ability

This is the new and improved Morphling replacement that can't become boring, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the concept.


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