Message to all unsatisfied and unsatisfiable Apex Legends players

I really don't understand you people. During the show today and under every sort of Apex related posts on the internet, you are voicing your unsatisfiable expectations. I see three major requests: New Guns, New Maps and New Characters. Please bare with what I have to say, as I have to get this off of my chest.

Characters were data mined as soon as the game was launched. We have an idea on what the next 8 characters will be like(including octane and watson). No one forced anybody to mine and spoils those and no one forced the players to read those posts on reddit or on social media. You've read those, you spoiled it, now you are not hyped for the new character.

You are expecting teeny tiny changes on the map like Fortnite does every two weeks and call it a DIFFERENT MAP EVERY MONTH, DIFFERENT MAP EVERY SEASON where in fact, we all know that it is the same fucking map. Maybe you are expecting actual new maps like PUBG has. Do you remember what happened then? Let me remind you. People were content hungry just like now and when finally, A WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF LATER, they brought Miramar (Desert Map). People played it for 2 weeks and everybody and I mean, EVERYBODY ranted that the original map was better. A month later people started removing the map file from their HDD to not play on that map (map select wasn't available for obvious reasons). When map select was brought in, Miramar was a ghost town. Everybody chose to play on the original map. Then the third map was brought, it got praises but people mostly stuck with the first one again. Then came Vikendi, fourth map. Mind you, Bluehole was listening to its player base's constant need of a new map since they claimed that the game was getting stale. Vikendi came and what happened to Miramar, happened to Vikendi. People rejected and didn't like it. So Bluehole is remastering the original map to satisfy its player base you know why? After updates, fixes, couple of game modes, SINGLE DUO AND SQUAD modes, new guns and cars even NEW MAPS, players weren't happy and they were never going to be.

Finally, about guns. Well fornite has couple of guns. More than a dozen to be honest. How many can you carry on you? 5 if you want. But mostly only 3 is carried. And among that dozen of guns, how many are in the meta, was in the meta and will be in the meta? Snipers for one shot kills on range, shotguns for close range one shot kills, rapid fire weapons for breaking the contructions. Other guns such as pistols and assault rifles aren't preferred or not payed attention to since Fortnite is also a fast paced game like Apex. The guns that do stay to change the list a bit, get vaulted sooner or later. During my playtime, I've witness another dozen of guns that got vaulted (removed) because they were underused. Instead of those, balloons and weird grapling hook gun came.

My point is, you dear unsatisfied Apex players, try to have fun from the game. If you spend all your time only on Apex, you will get bored from it no matter what Respawn brings. I've seen people that called the recent event and the double xp weekend unnecessary. A freaking double Xp event is called unnecessary, this is the first time I've seen it in my life. When asked why those people deem it unnecessary, I've gotten the answer as: "Who needs the double XP, everyone is 100 levels by now." These people binge down the game. They can, its their life. But they binge it down so hard that they forgot to take a breath, players complained how hard it was to level up in the BP and rightfully so, it was hard. But these people maxed it out on this grindy rate. I can only imagine how many hours and matches they've spent to be so demanding and bored from the game. I do get bored from Apex, sometimes very much when I don't get a proper team mate but you know what I do? I DO/PLAY SOMETHING ELSE! I read things, watch videos or movies, play single player, other multiplayer, I spend time with my family and friends. When I miss the game, I come back. I've just reached tier 100 right now. I'll grind it to 110 tomorrow and during the week. Spread the battle pass across weeks so you won't get bored. I'm afraid some people will always be content hungry and spoiled, expecting new things and crying until they get the exact thing that keeps them interested for a very brief period of time. Once that fades away, they'll cry for something new again and again. So please, enjoy what you have and appreciate what you get. Respawn is trying their best to give you what you want. They've been battling cheaters to keep their game alive and they did succeed to be honest. Instead of spending time on new maps and guns, they did their best to plan their next season and battle those spinless hackers. So please, appreciate more and grow up. Be the man/woman of your age. Please.


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