More gold items would be fun

For me, finding good loot is one of the best aspects of apex and battle royales in general. The way apex implements golden items as having an extra perk is really cool and makes balancing easier when considering what the purple item does in respect to the extra perk.

So I feel like there could be more golden attachments made to spread out the pool a bit and just add more perks/adjustments to try out on your enemies! Like a golden stock could have you switch weapons faster maybe, or a golden shotgun bolt that adds 1 extra shot in the clip (for eva-8 maybe 2 shots to be consistent with double tap). I know that sounds op but its gold right? Fast heals are op too! Golden sniper stock would reduce weapon sway (although i'm not sure if weapon sway is even a problem). And I'm sure you guys could think of other cool ones and stuff but I figured i'd bring it up! Can't have too much gold!

Also last note, I feel like a powerful golden grenade would be sweet to find, just to change up the way fights can go. Maybe a grenade that has a small vortex effect or something? I'm sure there are other grenades from Titanfall that may be a good idea but I'm not too familiar with the franchise.


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