Most fun game I have ever played in my life being ruined by Aimbotters/esp

I'm playing at high plat right now against the best players in the world. I love playing against the likes of shroud, mendo, NRG dream team, but what is absolutely destroying the game for me are the aimbotters. There is no competing against aimbotters especially a full team of them. I don't have a full premade of professional gamers at my disposal to take them on. I have been lucky on occasion to get behind one and kill him while he busy is killing everyone else on the server. I have been successful in getting of a nade off while he is climing some stairs and shooting him before he can lock on, but the majority of the time the aimbotter will win. Their success rate of killing is at least 95%.

Last nights game were the reason I am writing now. I am no longer having fun with apex legends ranked. The only reason I play now is for the badge. With 15-20 minute Q times then we will finally enter a game and if we are lucky 1 game out of 6 matches will not have an aimbotter in it. These aimbotters are either stolen accounts or have been at it since Apex Elite because some of the have quite the resume of badges. Some will name themselves the likes of Hahabacktolobby, or Getreckednoob to name a couple just so they can rub it in. It feels like there is nothing being done.

There needs to be a revolution of sorts in the Anti cheat industry. We need modern tech catching these bastards. We need outside the box ideas. What about real ID and verified accounts? Are we using machine learning algorithms to notice the habits of what a cheat looks like in a game? Are there multiple layers involved besides EAC which is obvious to me not good enough. Why not throw in fairfight? Hell, why not invent the best anticheat in gaming for the best game I have ever played.

How do you suggest we fight them in game?


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