My case for Gibraltar being way better than most people realize.

I see a lot of people talking about how weak Gibraltar is, but I think that he is one of the best legends since his buff if you play him correctly. Points as follows:

-his passive. One thing I’m not sure about is whether or not the damage reduction applies to the damage his gun shield can absorb. If so, it and his overall effective health would increase by 7.5 so low end his shield would have 82 health and his effective health would be 192 but even if those don’t stack he would have effective 185 health with no armor. Nearly a purple shield on his own, or at least more than a blue shield. This makes him really good when you drop hot, as long as you make sure that you land somewhere where you can get a gun before that first fight. Countless times I’ve dropped hot and used this effective health to win that first gunfight even when they get a gun and a white or blue shield, and I have a gun but no shield. His gun shield also absorbs all the extra damage from a single bullet before it breaks. This means if someone snipes you with 2 DMR shots, the shield goes to 20 health on the first 55 hit and the second 55 hit gets completely absorbed before the shield breaks. 110 effective shield instead of 75. Gun shield gives an enormous effective health boost in sniper, wingman, and peacekeeper fights.

-his tactical. I could write an essay on the myriad of uses of it. If you have a triple take or DMR, you have a ridiculous advantage with the bubble at all ranges. If someone is outside the bubble and you’re inside, you zoom in, step barely outside the bubble and shoot, then immediately step back in. Even if they shoot back, they would have either only hit your gun shield a little or tagged and extremity for a small amount of damage. You just hit them for 55 if you have the DMR. If you have a choke on the triple take you are guaranteed that full choke charge shot when you do this. If they are using a sniper, shotgun or wingman you dominate with the gun shield, if they use a spray weapon then most of their bullets are wasted on the bubble. After a couple bob and weave chunks they have to switch or reload, you’ve taken almost no damage and they’ve probably taken over 100 already so they are easy to clean up. If they charge you, you bob and weave until they are close and then you back out of the other side of the bubble, repeating this process. If you have a peacekeeper in this situation it’s even more devastating. This situation is not niche or rare either, once you get a sniper this becomes a bread and butter way to dominate fights. And that’s just if you alone are doing this, god help them if you have another decent sniper on your team. The other use for the bubble many people don’t realize is how you can use it to push into a house/room that you know people are camping. You throw the bubble a couple feet in front of the door right before you open it. So when you go in they can’t shoot you right away, and you are in the situation I just described of bobbing in and out with a huge advantage. I usually go for the 1-2 scope or the 2-4 so I can use the sniper at close range with this and it’s devastating.

-the ult is pretty obvious with its many uses. The big thing here is that towards the end of the game it is brutal if you are inside a building the other team has to push into. You bubble, ult, and they either have to run away (giving you free shots in the back) or push in and get creamed with bubble tactics. It’s also really good in a bang/caustic comp, you can carpet bomb a massive area.

-the significant drawbacks to Gibraltar are the lack of mobility, larger hitbox (although it did shrink down after the buff in addition to the extra health), and the attention drawn to you when you use any of his abilities because they are noisy and colorful. This means that you have to play a certain way in order for Gibraltar to be really good. You need to avoid open areas with no cover generally, you need to be good with the peacekeeper/snipers/wingman, and you unfortunately need more coordination with your team which means that solo queueing with randoms is more of a gamble than normal. This is because your team needs to stick together since Gibraltar can’t keep up with the faster legends. However if you can cover these bases, Gibraltar will put out more damage and take less damage in a fight than everybody else. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.


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