My Season 3 Balance Hopes

Just some creative speculation/wishes for the next season. Feel free to discuss. I overall like the balance. Just some things feel left behind.

Weapon Balances

R99 – Add in some slight horizontal recoil to reduce its effectiveness at short-medium range without strong barrell stabilizers. I like that there are so many strong build weapons in the game but I feel like the r99 edges out the devotion through its stability while maintaining digi threat at close range, it's too much I feel.

G7 – Buff the damage per shot by 5. This reduces the shot to kill on no armor and blue armor enemies by one, which I feel would give this weapon a stronger use case. You still want to swap it out for a better sniper but it's more likely you'll pick it up now.

Longbow – Reduce fire rate marginally. I dont mind the weapon where it is…but it is so dominant over range that you often dont have time to respond unless you have a tactical ability ready or they aren't a great shot.

L-Star – No reloads, only overheats, but you can press reload to wave it around wildly to help it cool faster. Buff damage per shot slightly.

Hero Changes

Mirage – Same decoy cooldown but can store two decoys. Mirage focuses on tricking opponents, his skills aside from his ultimate rely on confusion. So let him store another decoy to create more confusion. One decoy is too predictable.

Octane – Let his passive stay active in the storm. Octane is medium at too many things, I feel an extra medium opportunity would make him more competitive and helps provide a point of uniqueness to selecting pathfinder. Obviously this would only really be helpful in the first two circles.

Bloodhound – Reduce cooldown of q slightly. It gives away his position so I mostly feel it is balances by that. I've heard people talk that he should maybe get a passive headshot damage reduction or a damage reduction buff during his ult. Both are reasonable. I feel like crypto will still be the all around more favourable character pick.


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