New Game Mode Idea: Swarm

What if there was a game mode where you could down and finish an enemy and have the option to pick up their player card to respawn them and add them to your squad? It would push teams to grab their squads banners faster or revive them before they are finished. Additionally down and out players would be less likely to leave a match because they could be respawned by their original team or the better team that killed them.

A few game changes would need to accompany this new mode:
1. More respawn beacons
2. Three (3) uses from each beacon with a counter letting every team know how many times it has been used
3. Points awarded to three squad mates from the original squad on the winning team. This will hopefully limit cheaters from losing on purpose to form a bigger team. Points also awarded for kills and respawns (both friendly and new team members)
4. Would need to figure out chat. I guess prohibit party chat and only allow in game chat so as to limit cheaters giving away their new teams position.
5. New badge for how many times your squad has been the original squad on winning team


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