New weapon mods and hop-ups?

After the devs recently mentioned they can't remove weapons from the game and can't have too many weapons in the loot pool I thought of potential ideas to curve that problem.

Firstly, some more interesting, game changing hop-ups would be a good way to shake up the meta. Frothy actually just made a video covering a few of these ideas, link to video:

As in the video, two potential hop ups could be either a ricochet effect at the cost of damage or a hop up that allowed wall-bangs with a slow rate of fire weapon. These could put legends in a more viable, high tier position e.g. Bloodhound can now scan a room, and using a Sentinel, be able to take out traps or players.

Both ideas may not be possible and would have to be balanced in the game but they do change up the way players can now push occupied buildings.

The second, bigger idea I had was a side-grade to weapons.

For instance, from the main menu, players could choose a Volt or C.A.R. sidegrade for the r99 that adds a slight visual modification to the weapon. The entire stats for the weapon would change behaving like a Car/Volt and it would look like a r99-C.A.R. or Volt hybrid but with the skins you already own. Picking up weapons from other players could have the skin swap option to switch it to your own preferred side-grade.

This could be implemented as an incentive to level up weapons and provide players with a certain level of personal modification to a weapon.

I think the game is in a great place balance wise but ideas like side-grading would have to be implemented sooner rather than later as there would need to be a few options to make the system viable to level weapons up.

– Let me know what other ideas you have as I think it's an interesting topic, whether the ideas are even possible or not!


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