Non-Toxic Wraiths, what is your take on Wraith-Stigma?

As someone who has mained Wraith since around season 2(used to main Mirage at launch, but that didn't last long). It started because I loved using phase, but then it stuck because using other characters started feeling clunky/weird after playing her for so long. In particular path(my second pick) feels almost "too tall" when I'm playing him. if that makes any sense. I think I can claim to have been a non-toxic Wraith thus far.

I usually:

  • don't leave matches early unless the team has shown that they have no interest in saving me
  • die trying to get a teammate's banner(unless I'm stuck fighting until their timer runs out)
  • use most of my portals defensively to save downed teammates or let them get loot faster after a revive
  • don't abuse glitches like dashboarding or the bot lobbies(i say usually because I have accidentally bot lobbied a few times somehow from firing range after a warmup and tend to not notice until a few kills in)
  • respect the your kill=your loot rule unless I need to armor swap during a fight
  • don't complain when wraith is taken and just pick Pathy or Loba

That being said, I've always been a bit frustrated by the stigma that Wraiths tend to get in the community. For sure I've been verbally harassed, left by, and downright gameplay sabotaged by plenty of Wraith mains who were angry that I "stole their character". However, I've also had terrible experiences with plenty of other characters throughout the game. In this weekend alone, out of maybe 30-40 games played, I had a total of 10 players in duos who did not either leave immediately after being downed or leave after I won a firefight because they didn't want to wait for me to respawn them. My most toxic experience in the game was by a path-watt duo in ranked. I've for sure been caught out for being too aggressive in scouting out an enemy team in casual, but i've also seen plenty of pathfinders and octanes do the same and not get a post saying "Of course it's Octane".

So I'm curious. How do "non-toxic wraiths" and other members of the community feel about the Wraith stigma?


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