Pk discussion – Help me understand why it’s so op

How is it possible that there is such an overwhelming voice complaining about the pk with such a small change?

Previously the pk was doing the same amount of damage when hitting shots. The projectiles have a small amount of width which makes it a little more forgiving and people are losing their minds.

Before the change if you ran face first into anyone with a pk you could get two shot. It’s a pretty general thing that you don’t go toe to toe with a pk in close quarters with no cover because of you can’t 1 clip them with a r99 and they can actually aim you were fucked.

The choke has a 100m range but the downside is it being telegraphed, needing to charge and being so tight you’ll miss 8/100 times.

I get that it’s better but is it really such a game breaking difference? The charge rifle is way more oppressive. Are we just mad that we make a positional mistake and got killed? What are you reasons for kicking up such a fuss?


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