Playing in lower ranks comes with some headache nowadays.

So I recently returned to the game once again, after several months and im just amazed how much non-legit player I came across.

I'm in the bronze league and I play ranked. I'm absolutely astonished that a lvl 13 player can get up to 120+kills, several wins, 4k badge, 20kill badge etc… There is no way or the chances are veeery low imo for someone to perform like that as a complete "fresh meat" in apex. I meet this type of players about every 3rd match (in my squad)a lot of times ppl like them pop up in the champion squad or on my kill cam aswell.

It might not be 3rd party softwares all the time, but smurfing on lower level accounts can surely ruin one fellow player experience in the arena.

What are your encounters with these ppl?
Are there any future plans from Respawn's perpective to solve these burning issues?

(please stop smurfing its bad for us plebs in bronze, ty<3)


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