Introduce automatic temporary suspensions for suspected badbois to then be reviewed by Respawn staff

I don't see a lot of h4x0rs in my games, but watching Twitch there are sooo many at the higher-ranked levels, which is absolute nonsense that they can play for that long without being banned.

There must be some way that data can be analysed at the end of a game / just in the background in general, to determine suspicious gameplay e.g low-levels getting high kill / high damage games every single game, the speed at which they are downing teams, etc etc.

Surely if a player gets reported by 10+ different people within a handful of games then an automatic suspension could be handed out, following which the relevant people at Respawn could review the account and determine the validity of the reports. Obviously the exact conditions that determine an automatic suspension would need to be tested and adjusted to prevent banning people that are just pros, but I'm sure the community would rather see ch34t3rs getting caught early rather than ruining ranked games?

Curious to some hear feedback from the community.

Note: Had to change the title and description to not specifically target h4x0rs because AutoModerator didn't like my original post.


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