Please add an endorsement system!

You can’t force people to play as a team and now that solos is gone pretty much every game I play without friends is just people solo dropping and going wherever.

Yes there have always been these people in the game, but I feel like it happens single match I have and it’s really ruining this game for me over all.

I really wish Apex had an endorsement system like Overwatch so that when you solo queue with randoms you can reward good gameplay.

In Overwatch after a match you can always vote for some based on 3 categories of sportsmanship, good teammate, or shot calling. It goes from lvl 1-5 and it’s very difficult to maintain a high lvl. At the end of every few weeks whatever your endorsement lvl is the game will gift you lootboxes. I don’t think EA would ever allow this for Apex, but even just getting crafting currency would be a great incentive for people to play nice.

It makes the community less toxic and positive reinforcement always works better than a report system for behavior like this.

All I’m saying is please give people a reason to actually team-play if you’re not going to have a solos mode for these egos. I know I’m not the only one frustrated trying to play a team game with people who have zero interest in team-play.


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