Polished, fluid and less features > Stuttery, laggy, and bloated

Less features, sounds bad right? Well if that is the price we have to pay to make sure the game at its basic function is working as fluid as possible that is a small price to pay.

This post isn't a call to arms or a "Letter to Respawn", it is more of an observation and a way to generate discussion on how we want Apex to develop in the coming seasons.

When thinking about how the game has changed since Season 0 I look at things like gun metas and map changes.

  • The gun meta despite the Disrupinator and DMR being clear front runners is in a very good place. I hope any gun additions in the future can keep us on a path of balance and fun.

  • The map has seen a few location changes that I would say are ultimately on a good path. One thing I am unsure of is the Leviathans (?), those big things stomping the map once in a while. I like them and how they fit the narrative is fine but I don't want features like them to clutter and fester inside the game to a point where it becomes too much.

I am not saying guns are perfectly balanced or that Leviathans need to go. I am saying we need to keep an eye on the games performance and feel when changes and additions are made.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/cmjhd7/polished_fluid_and_less_features_stuttery_laggy/

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