Purchasing Heirlooms For A Decent Amount of Crafting Materials?

Just a thought, but what if Respawn enabled us to purchase heirlooms of choice for a good amount of Crafting Materials? After purchasing and opening a decent amount of Apex packs and not still not having 1 SINGLE heirloom, I propose that Respawn allows us to craft an heirloom of our choice with Crafting Materials. Having played this game since release and seeing people flex their heirlooms by their pre-500th pack is simply heartbreaking. All I'm asking is that maybe they can allow us to purchase heirlooms for a decent amount of Crafting Materials such as 5,000 or even more. Crafting Materials are actually pretty hard to earn considering that we can only earn either 1200 from each battle pass each season (which is relatively every 3-4 months) or from opening Apex Packs. Also instead of being able to choose which heirloom we want, maybe they can add an option to simply purchase a random one for a certain amount of Crafting Materials. I understand that the heirloom is supposed to be a SUPER RARE item but maybe just maybe they can explore different ways for players to obtain them because THEY'RE ALL JUST SO DAMN COOL. PLEASE RESPAWN GIVE THE UNLUCKY ONES A FAIR CHANCE TOO.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/e8yhlt/purchasing_heirlooms_for_a_decent_amount_of/

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